Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Desert Safari Dubai

It would be a mistake to leave this emirate without going on a Dubai Desert Safari. I’d love to come back for other sand activities. I really would. Standing in the desert was both different and at the same time exactly how I imagined. I am filled with awe and wonder, trying to compare the things I’ve seen in movies, read in books, from the actual sprawling terrain before me. It seems like the sand is alive and moving along with the whims of the sun, and it makes me think all the more how similar this place is to the open sea. Obvious dissimilarities aside, water may reflect the sun’s rays to make it shine like spilled diamonds, but the sand… Well it seems to copy the sun’s mood more than anything.

This is the real beginning of the desert adventure,’ I think to myself. Of course, I was right.At the start of the safari, the sandy terrain is rather even and the ride is rather calm, but the deeper you go into the desert the wilder the ride becomes.Our Driver Aijaz was fantastic at navigating the terrain, but it was an extremely dizzying experience.

Inside the camp it feels kind of like a fair. There are long rows of dining tables set atop a long carpet with pillows for chairs. At the center of the camp is a stage. There are booths/huts for food and coffee (and booze), one for henna tattoos.After dinner, we got to witness the highlight of the desert camp, involving two sets of dances performed by a man and woman. we have the Tanoura dance performed by our male dancer, and it involves him basically spinning around in a circle for about 15 minutes without stopping, all the while using his long colourful costume to tell a story. Now the cool thing about his costume is how it lights up! They switch off all the floodlights for maximum effect and it is quite a sight!
Then comes A beautiful Lebanese belly-dancer , busting out some Shakira-esque moves that completely capture the attention of all the males in the camp. Haha. . . (I had an eye on my husband aswell). . .

I don’t know if it’s a touristy thing to say, but I loved the Desert Safari experience.
What a way to end the night!