Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A year of Togetherness

There was a time when I wanted our relationship to move at lightning speed.
I wanted to go on adorable dates, to skip forward to the first kiss, to hear “I love you,” to introduce you to all of my friends, my family, and every other person I knew.
I wanted to run down the street and scream at the top of my lungs that I was with you. I wanted to get the entire world involved in our relationship.
I wanted to move quickly .
I was definitely trying to get somewhere .
Where ? I don't know.
Or else , I don't want to know.
Because a question demands for an answer and an answer brings an end .
But now that I have known you "Maybe" ,
I want us to go days without seeing each other and hours without speaking. I want your heart to ache and to miss me. I want to wonder where you are and what you are doing, because it’s you, and your life is like a beautiful mesh of wonder and excitement that I want to unravel and fit into those pieces to make you whole .
I want to feel like I could spend forever learning about you, because we are in no rush, and because who you are today isn’t who you’ll be next week, next year or even tomorrow.
I want to make love to you on some evenings I want to cuddle and kiss and giggle over nothing
I want the intensity and the seriousness of our relationship to come from the raw fact that we know this is not forever. It’s only right now.
I want to feel whole with you but trust that I am my own complete individual and that together we can combine our messy selves to create something that just might be slightly more exciting and beautiful
As we completed our year of being married together ,
 I want you to know that I love who you are, deep down—the timeless innocence and childish spark , frivolous and whimsical , the true and selfless intent I see in your eyes.